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Introducing new products and services designed in harmony with Nature

“Excellence is the Result of Caring more than others think is Wise, Risking more than others think is Safe, Dreaming more than others think is Practical, and Expecting more than others think is Possible.”“
                     Ronnie Oldham 

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Technologies can be slow to move from the lab to the commercial world. It took bar-codes fifty years to make their mark in the global supply chain, and only in the last few years did the UK NHS start to see their value in healthcare and patient safety. 

IngeniaTouch wishes to help fast-track technology that is safe, practiclal and offers compelling value. 
Everyone talks today about the problems of Global Warming, Air Pollution, Food Safety, Energy Efficiency, Food Security, Healthcare, Sustainability, but we wish to show how new technologies can help solve all these problems. 
We wish to demonstrate how the corporate world can make profit and still act responsibly, step by step deploying practical new technologies. But everyone has a duty to be more informed, to consider, discuss and  adopt better practices.   

What we do?
Whatever industry you work in, whatever your role, IngeniaTouch can show you new technologies that can enhance your products and services!  We do this by being connected to over hundreds of labs, engineers, specialists who all work on the pulse of technology.
As Universities spin out new technology and new start-ups arrive,  we help identify what is practicable and commercially functional, what we can deploy to solve traditional problems like rust, metal abrasion, air polution, energy efficiency, and much more. We have solutions for costal erosion, for better crop productivity, even heat barriers for equipment heading to the Sun!
Let us show you the possibilities that await your business today.  Email info@ingeniatouch for an immediate response.
How can business  managers and political leaders  add compelling value?  
Hindsight is great. If we were back in 1980 we would laugh if someone spoke to us about mobiles and GPS, websites, data mining and social media for business. Back in 1980 we were all happy in our respective bubbles, knowing what we know and happy within our knowledge network. 
Imagine however if we had a little insight into the horizon ahead, a decade or two from today, of what is about to unfold. What technologies are available today that can enable us to leapfrog competition, win new markets, cut costs, solve major problems and offer remarkable new services? It sounds too good to be true? Or is it?

What if one could offer the following today:
  •  Reduce fuel consumption for vehicles, central heating, aviation etc by 30%
  •  Insulate glass to deflect heat and retain energy
  •  Deploy paint to block or insulate heat
  •  Clean with light
  •  Prevent metal wear ( think pistons, bearings and gears )
  •  Repel insects, rodents and pests using non-kill natural repellents
  •  Enhance cell health to prevent cancer or heart disease
  •  Position Sustainability into the heart of your business, saving major operating costs
  •  Deploy natural antimicrobial solutions for food packaging
  •  Extend the shelf-life of food and flowers by ten to seventeen days extra
  •  Self-cleaning property
  •  Grow crops and forests in the desert
  •  Clay-bricks!
  •  City-wide clean air ( Let us do the London Tube Network please!) 
And much more! What if within thirty years we will be learning new languages by taking a pill?
Advances in instrumentation, knowledge transfer, commercial nanotechnology are offering massive opportunities for agile CEO’s and their companies. Companies with advanced knowledge and strategy can grow becoming Societal Champions! Global economic and environmental problems can be solves by sharing resources: both knowledge, energy and raw materials. Companies can be ahead of the curve in technology, have better cultural alignment with future best practice and strategy, guaranteeing enhancement of Brand, profit and sustained success. But the individual current bubble and mind-set must first be broken!

Dermott Reilly, with work colleagues in Ethiopia, is founder of NanoLandGlobal and  adviser / director of EcoBioLand. He is subject matter expert in commercial nanotechnology helping countries like Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia and South Africa solve major issues. He can be contacted via
Left to Right: Tony Sharma ( NanoLandEthiopia), State Transport Minister,  HE Tekletsadik Reba and Dermott Reilly (IngeniaTouch) 
discuss how new technology can advance the transport infrastructure of Ethiopia and Africa.

   New Natural Antimicrobial  cleaning fluids for everyday use.
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