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Dermott Reilly CEO
Dermott is passionate about bionanotechnology, its effective use and value in enabling safer healthcare and food processing  environments. Dermott was instrumental in bringing the  GS1 Barcode Standard into the UK NHS,( for enhanced patient safety);  is  subject matter expert on nanotechnology coatings and is relentless in both recognising and  fast-tracking award winning technology for the benefit and safety of industry, NHS and society generally.

About Us
IngeniaTouch as a concept was created by Mr Dermott Reilly in early 2016, following research in Germany, Malaysia, UK and Japan to identify unique and robust surface coatings for the food and healthcare sectors, including new facility technologies to better manage energy, hygiene and antimicrobial protection.

IngeniaTouch are unique in that we have the application knowledge, experience, products and specialised machinery to  prepare, apply and seal surfaces with follow-up certification and treatment services as required. We are a one-stop-shop for natural effective hygiene consultancy. We dovetail needs with solutions and have the bandwidth in manpower & knowledge  to deliver and satisfy future client requirements in and around creative bionanotechnology applications.

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  "Always Consider Natural Antimicrobials First"
IngeniaTouch network  is made up of a high performance, future-oriented team of physicians, engineers and nanotechnology scientists. Following years of research, we are proud to now launch a range of specific solutions that offer compelling value to consumers, growers, farmers, manufacturers, retailers, property managers, healthcare professionals, and to almost every sector.
What issue could you solve using nanotechnology?  Almost every industry has a solution awaiting delivery. 

Transport fleets, facility managers, public infrastructure, food processors,  can all add compelling technologies to their operations driving sustainability and  reducing costs.

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It’s not every day one can interface with hundreds of nanolab specialists and request their advice and help from a nanobiotechnology perspective.
Our business model is simple. 
Should you or your client have a specific problem or challenge, you share, we review and report back. NDAs are implicit.
If it's something we can help with we go to next step.
The process is designed to reduce costs, time and risk around innovation and solution delivery.
The customer pays nothing until we agree costs which are always transparent and fair.
Our clients range from the world’s biggest food operators to specific R&D labs, from Disneyland engineers to US Defence, major UK retailers to fish farms in Korea. When it comes to innovation, insight and creativity there are no silly questions in and around nanobiotechnologies. 
 So whatever the issues: smart cities demand clean air, clean water, anti-slip footpaths, next generation protein source, etc or trade sectors that needs to update processes efficiency, and so on.  Why not look at the numerous non-digital solutions?
You will be surprised by both the potential and cost effectiveness.
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