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"Learning from Nature!"
Some new environmental bio-coatings have  high 
effective natural agents against
- bacteria, fungi and mites. 
These ecobio-coatings do not include silver, or nano-sized particles  and pose  no risk whatsoever to humans, livestock, or the environment. These natural  bio-fluids are water Citrox.
There is a lot of excitement about healthcare hygiene, cleaning and infection. The smart Infection Control Manager will know what materials to deploy on a day to day basis to remove dangerous bacteria, MRSA and related superbugs. However new technologies are making a real impact, reducing risk and costs for healthcare stakeholders.
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Food & Healthcare Sectors
Which technology do you require? 

Our partners in Europe have the  following new  innovations::

  • Technology  to protect work uniforms from microbes, dirt, fluids, oil and grease  
  • Spray-on fluids that can repel insects, helping to reduce mosquitoes  and diseases like West Nile Virus
  • Photocatalytic coatings to remove bad smells, increase hygiene in and around all properties
  • Bio-fluids like Ever-Fresh! that deploy natural ingredients to fight infection, bacteria and MRSA
  • Glass insulation, to protect against UV and conserve energy....30-40% energy savings!
  • ​Refrigeration technology to remarkably increase the efficiency of air condition units and fridges of all sizes...and enhance air quality
  • Coating that offer multifunctional benefits, depending on requirement. As surfaces can be rendered dust repellent, self-cleaning and antimicrobial, how do you wish to take advantage of these new technologies?.

  "Always Consider Natural Antimicrobials First"
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IngeniaTouch are looking for Entrepreneurs of any age who can see opportunity, managed risk, turn ideas and new technologies into sound businesses  and long term profit. If you wish to exploityour idea from the perspective of eco-bio-nanotechnology and have the hunger, energy and passion to get going, we will help you succeed by giving you unique technology and knowledge.
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