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At the molecular level, physics is complex and fascinating. However it is not just surface chemistry that offers opportunity and profit. Aroma sensitivity is remarkable when focused at insects and animal control at atomic and subatomic levels. The ability to manipulate atoms and molecules to dissuade insects and living animals is a very novel alternative to pesticides, insecticides and herbicides and offers a more humane approach with less negativity for The Environment. 

Some examples of our products
INTRODUCING: Bio-Cleaner- a natural antimicrobial cleaning fluid
Every day catering equipment gets hammered by the catering process.
Fat, hot oil, steam, boiling water, grease, raw materials, dirty utensils…. indeed anything that defines food preparation activity, including the odd accident, culminates in equipment needing to withstand battle conditions daily. In addition, hygiene and safety are paramount.
Imagine using a soft, non-aggressive cleaning solution that never damaged equipment, yet battle-ready to deal with the most demanding kitchen environments, from fat riddled microwaves to fridges, ovens to dishwashers, even worktops, walls and floors. 
Imagine if that cleaning material was 100% natural, environmentally friendly, inexpensive, yet also provided long term antimicrobial protection. 

​Welcome to BioClean, a truly sustainable cleaning technology designed to both protect your hard working assets, clean naturally atom-by-atom with Nature whilst providing additional hygiene safety for all your hard working kitchen surfaces.

BioClean is secured direct from the factory, with manufacturer’s antimicrobial Certificate of Efficacy, enabling supply chain savings, HACCP peace of mind and superb efficiency.

We would be delighted to provide more details.

​Simply contact: 


Increasing The Shelf-Life of Perishable Goods  

Reducing wastage & Profit Loss

Refrigeration has been extremely important in  reducing food wastage and enabling a more efficient food supply chain.

For retailers however electricity is one of the main overheads and second to labour in operation costs. Imagine if we can find alternative methods to reduce energy for food storage.

There is no magic bullet unfortunately. But emerging technologies are offering novel ways to save energy.

Tests are still ongoing, but using ozonized water on specific goods, heat shields and glass insulation can all help to reduce energy usage for retailers and food processing companies significantly. We can slow down the oxidation of fresh flowers, bread, fresh meats, vegetables, salads and fruits.  One natural ingredient with promising potential is Citrox, see Home Page "Eco-Disinfection for Safe Food"
​Food trials are starting in UK in January 2018. We are looking for companies  working in food processing to participate in the trials. 

Please contact us for more details. 

​+44 20 3287 9234+44 20 3287 9234

Are you working in the food sector? Perhaps A Grower, Food Processor, Supply Chain Specialist, Retailer or Academic?
We are looking for partners to join our food perservation test project starting in January 2018. Please register your interest at or ring us on +44(0) 203287 9234
This is a collective research group incorporating Germany, Ireland, UK, Ethiopia and France.
You are welcome to join us.

natural disinfection
Have you ever visited a busy public loo on a train, sports arena or indeed, hotel, restaurant or pub and suddently  you're stopped dead by a repugnant stench?
It can happen anywhere, especially where open drains and bacteria interface. Open food skips, hire cars, basement kitchens, landfil sites, school sport areas, post flood property, factories can all on occasion  be areas where negative aroma can develop and prove to become  PR disasters if ignored.

SmellQuell is a world first natural antimicrobial spray-on solution that attacks the source of bad smell: the bacteria that causes stench. 
It works well in fogging machines and will kill 99.999 % of dangerous bacteria without aggressive chemicals. SmellQuell is food safe and environmentally friendly.

    The world's first food-safe antimicrobial powder and fluids are born without fuss with remarkable efficacy compared to synthetic chemicals
​We offer advice and secure solutions for many problems, from food preservation methods to cleantech alternatives for safe drinking water or disinfection free from chlorates or aggressive chemicals. 
As companies seek to adopt cleantech innovation to address
environmental  and health concerns like the use of aggressive chemicals for hygiene functions or food shelf-life,  we offer food-safe natural alternatives. 

However, we also address practical problems and as sitting is now associated with the risk of smoking we can suggest suppliers for the stand-up platform, on request. info@ingeniatouch for details.