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Our Innovation Page will give details of initiatives taking place in many sectors from February 2018.
If your company is seeking solutions in and around sustainability, energy best practice, eco-hygiene, food preservation, transport or pollution we would be delighted to help you.
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The evidence shows that cancer is rising and we all suspect that this is on account of environmental influences. One sector that can change remarkably is the janitorial sector where one can deploy food-safe chlorine -free sterlisation, such as Citrox. With higher efficacy compared to traditional synthetic chemicals, their ability to operate independent of water ( and thus reduce risk of bio-film) sterlise surfaces and air at room temperature ( ideally by spray / fogging device)  without risk to humans, animals or The Environment would suggest this methodology be recommended as the hygiene of choice for professionals and consumers.  
Pathogenic Microorganisms with Focus on Food, Property and Water. Good-bye E. coli and related pathogens